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Yellow Turnip Studios

Heaven's Insecurity (8 square inch.)

Heaven's Insecurity (8 square inch.)

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Is a utopia that is sullied, still a utopia? If perfection can meet imperfection, then was it ever perfect to begin with? Is noise to peace, a compliment, or an insult? And is victory found in freedom or achievement? This painting explores these questions.

In this painting, the idea of imperfection is illustrated through the birds that invite noise into what could be considered a peace haven. Through the birds the idea of freedom is also illustrated, as the birds travel where they wish with no gates able to contain their essence. The golden boy is meant to represent glory and achievement which also found its place in this haven. The golden boy found its achievement but is cold, lifeless, and contained behind the gates, in complete contrast to the birds. The red war-bluds are lively, active, and far more radiant. In a sense they can be considered the true victors but are still deemed imperfect. The dark blue/purple brush strokes represent the feelings of the haven that still thinks it’s sullied. It’s the feeling of shame that now farther sullies itself, reflected on to the painting, or perhaps is revealing its true character. This entire piece, in a way, is meant to reflect the everyday life that is filled with all sorts of scenarios that are considered a red war-blud disturbing its haven.

Living life unaccepting the birds that are there will leave you with the purple brush strokes. Problems/hardships are to be invited. And once you do learn to invite them, can your haven truly start seeming perfect.

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